Android App Development is becoming increasingly more popular as people become more aware of alternatives to the iPhone.


Leading Android app developers

When developing an Android App, the freedom of choice is much greater you are not limited to just one AppStore (like Apple). You can choose from Google Play, Samsung and Amazon App Stores to name just a few. Luckily for you, we are leading Android app developers and have been creating the best Android apps around since before they became popular!

We can also make your app successful, used and loved by people on a range of mobile devices, from a Samsung Galaxy S5 to a HTC Desire. Our team will be able to assist you right along the way, helping you to make informed, intelligent decisions based on our years of experience.

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We know what it takes to build a great Android app


Native Android app development

When we build our Android apps, we like to create them native to Android and use the programming language Java. Some companies insist on Cross Platform (like PhoneGap), but we find that building our apps native ensures that the user experience is beautiful, testing is more focused and development is generally smoother. This doesn’t mean that we don’t use Cross Platform though!

We just have the technical ability to be able to have the luxury of creating your app either way!


With the amount of devices around to target your Android app at, and the different development options, you can trust McKenna Consultants to produce the perfect solution for your app and help make the decisions easy for you.

Leave us to do the development of the app and that can free you to promote your app.