iOS App and WatchKit App Extention

Client: McKenna Consultants Ltd

McKenna Consultants are early adopters when it comes to new gadgets and software, so when the Apple Watch came out, it was inevitable that we would be producing an app that is compatible with it.

We wanted to produce an app that is fun, innovative and also had a retro feel to it. This led us to produce Slithering, a great app for iPhones and iPads with Apple WatchKit integration, based on everyone’s old famous phone game, Snake.


We wanted to capture the imagination of app users and put a twist on an old classic. Snake was a terrific game in the late 90’s to early 2000’s but needed updating with a fresh twist to get people talking about it.

The AppleWatch also proved to be a challenge due to it’s constraints in terms of functionality and screen size.


In the end, the development team at McKenna Consultants came up with “Slithering”.

Slithering is available on iOS8 for iPhones and iPads. This is a game of patience, skill and co-ordination, requiring the player to control the snake around the screen using taps. The goal is to set a high score by “swallowing” the grey squares. With each square however, the snake increases in length making it harder and harder!

For those who manage to perfect their technique, there are 5 levels to choose from based on your individual skill level! The app is also able to be played from your Apple Watch, making the game more addictive, fun and different! When you set your high score, you are able to share your results with your friends on Facebook!


The app is available for download on Apple’s App Store.

Search the AppStore for “Slithering” to see how many points you can score!



I loved to play Snake on my old Nokia 3310 when I was at school, so the opportunity to bring back a tribute to Snake on the iPhone was too good to miss! We've had some healthy competition in the office trying to set the highest score and also had fun showing off our Apple WatchKit development skills! I'm looking forward to see if anyone can break our office high score of 5194!

Aaron McKenna, Commercial Director