Share Scheme Tracking Software

Client: Howells Associates

Since 1991, Howells have provided innovative and market leading services for share scheme administration.

McKenna Consultants have a long standing relationship with Howells going back to when our CEO, Nick, was on his summer break from Hull University. We have been working closely together now since 2010 helping Howells with their various software development and product management needs.

This particular project involves working with Howells to take their Share Scheme Tracking software to the next level. We worked closely with the development team to build a new and improved web version of their product to roll out to their customer base.

We are proud to have a great working relationship with the development team and client services team at Howells, undertaking software development mentoring, agile consultancy and product ownership. We have worked with the team to develop various software development solutions over the years and help meet the needs of their Clients.


Software development is at the heart of Howells. The Development Team at Howells we tasked with re-writing one of their existing platforms in .NET in order to keep ahead of the competition.

Howells were looking specifically for five things from their chosen software development partner. These were:

  1. Industry/sector knowledge
  2. .NET expertise and teaching ability
  3. Agile software development consultancy
  4. Locality
  5. Trust

We were more than happy to help the Development Team at Howells fulfil all of their requirements.

We were able to help Howells by:

  1. Industry/sector knowledge – We have extensive experience of working within this sector. This experience proved vital on a regular basis throughout the project.
  2. .NET expertise and teaching ability –¬†As all of our computer programmers have a minimum of 10 years industry experience, it is expected that our team help to teach, coach and mentor each other on a daily basis. We also were able to provide formal group sessions and one to one coaching.
  3. Agile software development consultancy – We have been providing Agile consultancy and training for years and uniquely using these methods on a day to day basis on successful projects. No other company practices what they preach like we do.
  4. Locality – We are based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, which is close to Howells, meaning that regular face to face meetings were quick and easy.
  5. Trust – The way in which we develop software means that trust is instilled within our Clients and partners right from the very beginning.

Some of the services that we provide Howells with are:

  • Development of Share Scheme Administration Software
  • Development of Reporting Software
  • Agile Software Development Consultancy
  • Developer Training and Mentoring
  • Testing
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Product Ownership

Our relationship with Howells has gone from strength to strength over the years as we continue to deliver solid, reliable working software. We are always working with Howells on new and exciting software projects to help keep them at number one in their marketplace.


I have worked closely with McKenna Consultants over the last 4 years developing share scheme administration software as part of my role as Client Services Director at Howells Associates. McKenna Consultants provide a valuable, knowledgeable and professional software development resource, coaching and training team to help assist, guide and nurture our own in house team of developers. The McKenna team have an infectious enthusiasm to software development, always striving for more efficient and better quality ways to brings solutions to life. They are not fazed by any challenges that are thrown at them and go above and beyond what is expected of any of our suppliers. McKenna Consultants are trustworthy, honest and can always be counted on to deliver the results that they promise to their own exceptionally high standards. I will continue my working relationship with McKenna Consultants for many years to come.

Simon Hurley, Client Services Director