Are You Drowning In Spreadsheets? Do You Have An Unwieldy ERP System?

We start off with the best of intentions. We’re going to manage this new service / product / project using a simple spreadsheet. It won’t be complicated. We’re going to put it on a shared drive so we can collaborate.


Someone needs access offline. Then we need to share data with a couple of suppliers in a different format. And someone else insists on copying and pasting formulae and inserting rows in the wrong place and…


Before you know if you’re drowning in spreadsheets!

Or maybe you’ve got a all singing, all dancing ERP system to run your whole business. It will do everything the sales guys said (funny how you’ve never seen him since…)! Three months in you’ve had to reorganise your previously efficient business processes to accommodate the computer system. You find you’re doing more data entry than ever before. Worst of all, this system does everything, but it does everything pretty badly!

The Good News

Our client Wolseley was drowning in spreadsheets a few years ago. There is good news, especially if you’ve found yourself drowning in spreadsheets. The good news is by going through one of the above painful processes, you’ve probably done a good job of defining your business processes. It’s just the implementation of those processes in IT form that is holding you back.

Bespoke Software

The other option you can go for is bespoke software, developed in a Lean and Agile manner. Bespoke software is software that’s written just for your organisation. It is completely written from the ground up to match your business processes so it adapts to you, not the other way around! Bespoke software is likely to be lower cost that an ERP system. Your bespoke software will belong to you so you don’t have to pay heavy annual license fees.

“Lean” means you can build your Minimum Viable Product. This is the smallest, simplest piece of software that you can think of that will meet your needs. Forget the bells and whistles! That is just complexity that you don’t need.

“Agile” means that the software is upgradeable as your business changes. Instead of hitting a brick wall “Sorry, our system doesn’t do that” you can have a can-do attitude and software to drive your organisation’s success in an ever-changing environment.

McKenna Consultants

Here’s the shameless plug. If you want McKenna Consultants to build your bespoke software, you’re getting a company 100% based in the UK (in Harrogate, Yorkshire) who are interested in and excited by your business. The sales guy will also be your project / product contact throughout the whole development life cycle. You’ll be getting our elite team of developers who can build your mobile apps, web software, systems integration, cloud solution and even Internet Of Things software.

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Nick McKenna
Nick McKenna is a (polymath) computer programmer and scaled Agile consultant. Nick has been a professional programmer for over 20 years and an Agile guru for nearly as long! Nick's specialities include progressive web app development, mobile app development, the Internet Of Things, Azure cloud development, systems integration, Scaled Agile Framework, Scrum, Lean, LeSS, Scrum At Scale and much much more.