Cloud App Integration

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McKenna Consultants provide cloud app integration and cloud app development services. Cloud app development is the process of building applications that run natively in the cloud thus providing a highly scalable, resilient and secure experience for users. Cloud app integration assists with automating and speeding up business transactions.

Benefits of Cloud App Integration:

  • Cloud app integration uses automation to improve the speed of return on investment for your IT infrastructure.
  • Integrating systems in the cloud allow previously separate systems to work together to create a single version of the truth.
  • Integrating applications in the cloud offloads responsibility for maintenance of the supporting IT infrastructure to the relevant cloud provider, thus freeing your budget up for innovation.

McKenna Consultants have been delivering cloud app development since 2010. We have extensive experience of building applications such as; healthcare software, pensions software, energy systems, project management tools, engineering systems and many more. If you require cloud app integration services, please get in touch with us today.

Need cloud app integration?

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