Co-Sourcing App Software Developers

Co-Sourcing With McKenna Consultants

Our specialist App development teams have a long history working alongside existing in-house software development teams. This has allowed us to find the optimal mix of rapidly delivering value to our clients as well as up-skilling their staff.

Why Co-Source?

There are typically two reasons why our client choose to co-source with us:

  • We have technical expertise that our client wish to acquire
  • We have capacity that our clients wish to utilise

Keep It Local

We mostly provide a co-sourcing service for clients based in the UK as they prefer to have a team in the same timezone. This makes organising product workshops, demos and client visits much easier than an off-shoring model. Based on our extensive product development knowledge and experience, we will also give advice and guidance every step of the way which is not usually the case with off-shoring models. We’ll tell you when we have ideas that you have not considered and we’ll steer you away from bad ideas!

Technical Expertise

Our specialist team has deep knowledge of specialist areas of software development such as mobile App development (iOS / Android) and the Internet Of Things. Usually our clients have a long-standing product based around older web or thick client technology that they would like to extend with a new mobile App (for Android devices, iPhones or iPads). Initially, the skills of our clients’ in-house development teams will not match the necessary skills for creating a mobile App, but the business has an urgent need to have one developed.

The obvious solution is to totally outsource the development of the product, but this has a big disadvantage: the organisation does not possess the knowledge to further develop the software independently. This leaves them beholden to a third party for future work! Our solution is to work alongside our clients’ staff from day one of the product development. This can be working as a remote team or by embedding our clients’ staff within our team. Embedding within out team is the optimal solution as it immerses the staff in the new technology and prevents them from being distracted by other day-to-day concerns, but both approaches work. For example, we work with embedded team members with our clients LexisNexis and AuthenticateIS, but remotely for our clients such as 4com plc and Howells Associates.

Co-sourcing has always been very successful for our clients giving them great products that their technical staff understand and can further develop independently.

Increase Capacity

In addition to providing technical skill, our clients frequently want to deploy a “ready” team with extensive product development experience to temporarily boost their in-house capacity. We are able to deploy our highly experienced Agile team who are up to date with the latest technology quickly and easily. We also provide a more diverse experience of product development than most of our clients in house. For example, we can leverage our Agile training, coaching and consultancy skills to improve the development process for our clients as well as building a specific product.

Flexibility For The Future

Co-sourcing also gives flexibility for the future. From time-to-time our clients who are independently developing their Apps will come back to us when they reach peak demand. We are able to re-deploy our team for short periods of time to temporarily boost development capacity, thus providing a lower-cost alternative to employing temporary workers.

Case Studies

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Nick McKenna
Nick McKenna is a (polymath) computer programmer and scaled Agile consultant. Nick has been a professional programmer for over 20 years and an Agile guru for nearly as long! Nick's specialities include progressive web app development, mobile app development, the Internet Of Things, Azure cloud development, systems integration, Scaled Agile Framework, Scrum, Lean, LeSS, Scrum At Scale and much much more.