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Mobile App Developers Facts And Figures

By 2019, over a third of the human population on Earth will have a mobile smart device such as an Android phone, iPhone or iPad. This represents a new way undreamed of ten years ago to communicate with new customers. In the UK alone, 78% of adults will use mobile and smart devices to access the Internet. In 2017, a mobile device was the most popular way for adults to access the Internet (73%). Only 43% of users used a “traditional” desktop or laptop computer to access the Internet!

Web Browser Or Mobile App For Your Services?

You are probably interacting with your customers in some way online right now. Maybe you have a simple web site or maybe you provide a service yo your customers (e.g. an online store, a booking system, a product configurator etc) via a web portal. At McKenna Consultants, we build web and mobile applications which puts us in a great position for comparing usage amongst customers. For example, after one year of service, a new mobile payment App we developed for a utility company showed over 60% (and rapidly growing) of customers preferred to use a mobile App to make payments rather than use the mobile-friendly web site! This is a clear sign of user preference in terms of online interaction.

Build Your Mobile App

It follows that if you want to grow your customer-base in the modern world, you should be seriously considering providing a mobile App as a method of interacting with your customers. They like the convenience, the familiar and easy App-like experience and it puts your company’s logo on their mobile device home screen!

There’s A While World Out There

While there are many cultural differences all around the word, many different viewpoints and different ways of doing things, mobile devices seem to be universal. Steve Jobs would relate the story of watching a child in India who had never seen a computer begin to immediately and intuitively use an iPad. We have seen the same effect for our customers in the mobile Apps we build for them. apps are available in over 30 countries around the world and have been translated into a similar number of languages. We also provide translation portal services so that our customers can keep their App text up to date all over the world.

Android Or iOS?

One are where there is some regional difference is in Android vs. Apple device usage. For example, in the UK, 59% of smart devices in use are Android and 41% are iOS. Globally, on average, the split is 88% Android and 12% iOS. The USA is dominated by Apple with 65% of all devices being iPhone or iPad. Developing nations have much higher percentages of Android devices due to its lower-cost nature. In general, most of our clients create both iOS and Android Apps, but your customer profile may indicate that you can prioritise one platform over another.

Case Studies

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