Progressive Web App Development


Progressive Web Application Services

Progressive web app development provides an enhanced and more engaging user experience for web applications. As a PWA developer, we create web applications that run on any device and automatically enhance themselves based on the capabilities of the individual device. For example, a device fitted with GPS may allow a PWA to locate nearby services or provide an up-to-date location for a service centre.

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development:

  • Provides a familiar user interface which drives engagement and keeps users coming back again and again.
  • It is securely delivered over HTTPS to ensure the integrity of your data.
  • Like other apps, PWAs can be installed on a user’s device which gives a more native feel to the application. They will also update themselves in the background to the latest version automatically which means that users will benefit from the newest features and experience.
  • In environments with poor internet connectivity PWA’s can seamlessly manage drops in connections thus providing the user with a less disrupted experience.

McKenna Consultants are a progressive web app developer servicing clients in industries such as the legal profession, energy utility sector and industrial retail. If you require a PWA developer to advance your business through progressive web applications, please contact us today.

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