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Rocket Matter iPad App

Project Background

Rocket Matter are a US based online legal billing and law practice software management company. They were the first online legal billing system in February 2008 and immediately, the intuitive elegance of the software and the fast performance attracted Mac-using attorneys, and the number of lawyers using Rocket Matter’s law practice management software on Macs, iPhones and iPads grows daily. PC users quickly joined Rocket Matter as well, and now they have a happy community of both Mac and PC-using attorneys.

Rocket Matter already has a strong, highly skilled agile software development team based in house in Florida, USA, but due to their overwhelming success of their existing products, Rocket Matter were looking to find some external resource to help them with the first phase of their ground-breaking new Rocket Matter iPad Edition.

This project involved McKenna Consultants building a close working relationship with the Rocket Matter team by developing the first phase of the uniquely stunning and intuitive Rocket Matter iPad Edition.

The Challenge

Rocket Matter currently have thousands of attorneys throughout America using their software across a range of devices. They have a dedicated software development team who is committed to maintaining and improving these existing platforms.

From speaking to their customers, Rocket Matter knew that they needed to develop an intuitive, slick, responsive dedicated iPad edition to fit inside their product catalogue. However, due to their success, development resources were limited. Rocket Matter approached McKenna Consultants to help deliver this iPad edition due to our technical expertise (we’ve built numerous native iOS apps), reputation and our ability to deliver a successful project on time, to a budget and in an Agile manner.

In addition to this, as mentioned previously Rocket Matter are based in Florida, USA and McKenna Consultants are based in Harrogate, UK. There is a 5 hour time difference between the two offices that the combined development team are working in. This would be a huge obstacle for some development companies, but due to the high communication and agile working environment, this did not pose a challenge to either company.

The Solution

We worked alongside the developers at Rocket Matter for 6 months to produce the first phase of the Rocket Matter iPad Edition to give the project a solid foundation, ease the pressure from the Rocket Matter team and to also provide some unique expertise in iOS development. Some of the highlights of the project are:

  • Native iPad app
  • Entirely bespoke app – none of what you see comes “out of the box”
  • Hand-coded menus, calendar and navigation features
  • Working alongside the Rocket Matter team to enable the iPad edition to “speak” efficiently to the web version through various API calls to and from the Rocket Matter web service
  • Implementation of an elegant design
  • Resolved challenges of working in different time zones through constant communication
  • Shared software to manage the product backlog
  • Daily stand ups over video conferencing were critical to the agile team
  • A simple idea of displaying two clocks in our Harrogate Office (one for GMT and one for EST) to keep us aware


We worked hand in hand with the Development team at Rocket Matter to ensure the successful delivery of the Rocket Matter iPad Edition. Once we handed the app back over, we have remained in touch and on call for if and when the Rocket Matter team require any further assistance.

Rocket Matter have then gone on to successfully finish the iPad Edition and will deploy it to the Apple AppStore, ready to be downloaded and loved by their customers.

Without our strong project management techniques, learned out of years of tweaking and adapting our agile process, we would not have been able to deliver this project so successfully. We work tirelessly to maintain or team values whilst working with a team not in the same country. We also came up with new ways to monitor and track our progress when working to a set budget – a process that we have gone on to implement for our other projects.

The Rocket Matter iPad Edition is available to download on the AppStore and you can take a look at the app in more detail by visiting the Rocket Matter dedicated iPad edition website.

Services Delivered

"McKenna Consultants worked seamlessly with our own in house development team to deliver what is the most outstanding legal billing app on the market today... they are a great team to work with and we would not hesitate to work with McKenna Consultants again."Rafael E. Santos, VP, Product