Web Services Integration

web services integration

Our web services integration team, create modern standards-based connectivity between your systems. Web services are likely to form the heart of your systems integration. Web service integration is the modern method for enabling your mobile apps, web portals and IoT solutions to communicate with each other and your back-office systems. To find out more about achieving integration with your back-office systems, please read our blog post on this topic.

Even Apps developed in different platforms, such as Microsoft or Java, can be successfully integrated when the task is carried out by experts using the most appropriate web services integration platform for the job.

Benefits of Web Service Integration:

  • Web services are accessible from most IT systems produced in the last 20 years.
  • They are highly scalable when using the Cloud as a web services integration platform.
  • The tools and technologies behind web services are well understood by software developers all over the world.

Developing and Integrating Web Applications

McKenna Consultants have been developing and integrating web applications for 15 years. These integrations include engineering systems, pension systems, legal systems, utility systems, marketing systems and many more. All of McKenna Consultants web services are built to a high-security standard in accordance with the OWASP Secure By Design principles.

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