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An Expert Guide to Using Digital Platforms

By Nick McKenna | 1st September 2020

What is a Digital Platform? A Digital Platform is a low-cost method of leveraging your existing IT systems into a unified platform. Using IT system integration, a Digital Platform allows your business to be more competitive in the modern marketplace. There are many elements and … more

Integrating Auth0 With Azure Active Directory

By Nick McKenna | 9th July 2020
integrating auth0 with azure active directory

Integrating Auth0’s OAuth mechanism with Azure Active Directory can be a little bit tricky! The Auth0 integration documentation available on Auth0’s Azure Active Directory page doesn’t completely cover all the steps you need to take, so we’re presenting a more complete guide here. There are … more

Why is Systems Integration Important?

By Nick McKenna | 29th April 2020

In this post, we discuss why system integration is important, as well as the different categories of systems that can be integrated, and the many benefits of system integration solutions. Why Systems Integration? The system integration process is when communications are created between disparate systems that do … more

What is the Difference Between IoT and Cloud Computing?

By Nick McKenna | 28th April 2020

The Internet of Things and Cloud computing complement one another, often being branded together when discussing technical services, and both working together to provide an overall better IoT service. However, there are crucial differences between them, making each of them an effective technical solution separately, … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 1: Installable Web Apps

By Nick McKenna | 26th April 2020

Previously, we ran a short article introducing you to progressive web Apps. In that article, we discussed several common traits of progressive web Apps. In a series of articles, we are going to drill into these traits in more detail. Today we are starting with installable … more

Should My Business Have an App?

By Nick McKenna | 16th April 2020

By 2019, over a third of the human population on Earth had a mobile smart device such as an Android phone, iPhone or iPad. This represents a new way undreamed of ten years ago to communicate with new customers. In the UK alone, 78% of … more

Are You Thinking About IoT?

By Nick McKenna | 11th April 2020

Are You Thinking About IoT? If you are thinking about creating a new product or integrating an existing product with the Internet of Things, it’s probably because you’ve heard about the great benefits of IoT device integration. Simply put, what this means is making a physical … more

Internet of Things Integration With Your Back Office Systems

By Nick McKenna | 30th March 2020

Integrating Your Internet Of Things Device With Your Back Office Systems As organisations grow, their back office systems often become a little unstructured; it starts out innocently enough with the odd spreadsheet here and there, and maybe an access database. Then, a few cloud-based web … more

The Main Benefits of Business Mobile Application Development for Your Company

By Nick McKenna | 30th March 2020

Business mobile application development has changed the way we are able to grow and develop business for numerous reasons. Through custom app development, businesses have been able to achieve benefits such as: Creating a clean and accessible line of communication with customers Growing brand awareness … more

How are the Internet of Things and Big Data Related?

By Nick McKenna | 27th February 2020

With connectivity becoming more and more necessary in our everyday working and social lives, we find ourselves with more devices connected to the Internet and together than ever. The need to have various devices connected and sharing data is now essential, for systems and communication … more