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We are computer programmers at heart and implementing high quality, tailored systems to suit your needs is what we do best. We have been delivering revenue generating, time saving and life changing bespoke software development in Harrogate, Yorkshire since 2004.

What Is A Progressive Web App?

By Nick McKenna | 5th December 2018

If you are interested in having a progressive web app developed by McKenna Consultants, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and see our page on Web Development. So What Is A Progressive Web App? A progressive web app is … more

Friday Flash! 30th November 2018

By Nick McKenna | 30th November 2018

It’s been a while, but we’re starting up our Friday Flash again! This is where we keep you guys up to date with everything that’s been going on around here. JR Ewing First off, we’re spending a lot of time out in Dallas. If you … more

Are You Drowning In Spreadsheets? Do You Have An Unwieldy ERP System?

By Nick McKenna | 29th November 2018

We start off with the best of intentions. We’re going to manage this new service / product / project using a simple spreadsheet. It won’t be complicated. We’re going to put it on a shared drive so we can collaborate. But… Someone needs access offline. … more

Why Having A Disaster Recovery Plan Is A Failure

By Nick McKenna | 29th November 2018

I was asked to fill in a supplier questionnaire recently. One of the questions was “Does your organisation have a disaster recovery plan?”. The answer to this for us is “yes”. It’s four lines long and you can find it on Confluence. This is a … more

Nesting Router Outlets In Angular 6 / 7

By Nick McKenna | 28th November 2018

We’ve been building progressive web applications (PWA) in Angular and Typescript for a few years now, but once in a while something new and interesting still comes along. In the last couple of weeks I came across something pretty interesting which although is possible, is … more

Co-Sourcing App Software Developers

By Nick McKenna | 22nd November 2018

Co-Sourcing With McKenna Consultants Our specialist App Development teams have a long history working alongside existing in-house software development teams. This has allowed us to find the optimal mix of rapidly delivering value to our clients as well as up-skilling their staff. Why Co-Source? There … more

Using Your Mobile App To Gain Competitive Advantage

By Nick McKenna | 21st November 2018

Get Competitive Advantage From Your Mobile App Building a mobile App for your organisation is a serious endeavour and so it should be strategically important to your organisation. This means that your mobile App should in some way confer competitive advantage on your organisation. Barrier … more

Mobile App Developers Grow Your Audience

By Nick McKenna | 20th November 2018

Mobile App Developers Facts And Figures By 2019, over a third of the human population on Earth will have a mobile smart device such as an Android phone, iPhone or iPad. This represents a new way undreamed of ten years ago to communicate with new … more

Mobile App Development Step 1: What Do You Want?

By Nick McKenna | 17th November 2018

Defining The Scope Of Your Mobile App The first step of building a Mobile App (for iOS, iPhone, iPad or Android) is working out what it should do, and it’s always the hardest step. In general, the narrower the scope of your idea, the easier … more

Integration With App

By Nick McKenna | 14th November 2018
Integration with App

Integrating Your Internet Of Things Device With Your App Most Internet Of Things devices have a companion App that they work with. The App usually allows the Internet Of Things device user to remotely control the device, get status data from it, extract reports etc. … more