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Machine Learning vs AI: What’s the Difference?

By Nick McKenna | 23rd May 2024
Machine learning typed on a typewriter

You may have heard the terms AI and machine learning thrown around a lot recently in digital transformation conversations. As closely related words, they’re often used interchangeably, which can be confusing when considering how they actually differ. Don’t worry if you’re still wondering, ‘What is … more

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience

By Nick McKenna | 12th April 2024
Image of the letters AI

AI and customer experience are increasingly being intertwined in businesses, with the intention of helping companies set themselves apart from the competition. However, as more and more businesses integrate AI into their customer experience, it has become crucial for your business to use it in … more

What is a Large Language Model? Uses, Scope, and Limitations

By Nick McKenna | 29th March 2024
Image of the words how do large language models work?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are popular artefacts of modern artificial intelligence. Although LLMs are based on well-established technology, they have become popular recently due to the widespread availability of low-cost, scalable cloud infrastructure. In this post, we’ll cover what a large language model is in … more

Creating an AI Assistant Using OpenAI

By Nick McKenna | 23rd February 2024

Everyone has heard about ChatGPT, CoPilot, Bard, and Gemini, and many of us are now using basic AI in our daily work. However, using the Large Language Model (LLM) base of something like OpenAI to create a bespoke AI assistant for your customers is possible. … more

Building an MS Outlook Add-In: Part Three –  Testing and Approval

By Nick McKenna | 20th December 2023
Overhead view of hands typing on a laptop

Once your add-in is ready to go, you need to know how to handle any errors, test for reliable performance and prepare for deployment.  This is the third of a three-part series where we’re aiming to be able to save an email (as an EML … more

Building an MS Outlook Add-In: Part Two – Building an Add-In with the Microsoft Graph API

By Nick McKenna | 13th December 2023
Team working together on project

Welcome back to part two of our series, where we’re aiming to be able to save an email (as an EML file) from a user’s inbox into a CRM system (or any other system for that matter!) via an Outlook add-in. This is the second … more

Enhancing CRM Integration: Building an MS Outlook Add-In with the Microsoft Graph API

By Nick McKenna | 6th December 2023

In these articles, I will focus on integrating an Outlook add-in with a CRM system using the Graph API. The task we are aiming to complete is being able to save an email (as an EML file) from a user’s inbox into a CRM system … more

Integrate WOPI with your Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program

By Nick McKenna | 28th November 2023
Person typing on laptop

Implementing WOPI with the Cloud Storage Partner Program may seem daunting at first. One of the key mistakes we see being made is a failure to prepare adequately before commencing programming. A WOPI integration with your system will likely be very different from any other … more

What Is Co-Sourcing in IT and Software Development?

By Nick McKenna | 15th November 2023
Software Development Companies

As the demand for data skills increases, IT co-sourcing should always be an option your business considers to achieve your company goals. Our specialist app development teams have a long history of working alongside existing in-house software development teams. This has allowed us to find the optimal … more

Microservices and Microservice Architecture Explained

By Nick McKenna | 15th September 2023

If your system still runs with traditional monolithic architecture, you may have started looking to make a change. Everybody seems to be doing microservices these days, so what are the differences between a monolithic system vs microservices (or microservice architecture), and how do these differences … more