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Machine Learning vs AI: What’s the Difference?

By Nick McKenna | 23rd May 2024
Machine learning typed on a typewriter

You may have heard the terms AI and machine learning thrown around a lot recently in digital transformation conversations. As closely related words, they’re often used interchangeably, which can be confusing when considering how they actually differ. Don’t worry if you’re still wondering, ‘What is … more

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience

By Nick McKenna | 12th April 2024
Image of the letters AI

AI and customer experience are increasingly being intertwined in businesses, with the intention of helping companies set themselves apart from the competition. However, as more and more businesses integrate AI into their customer experience, it has become crucial for your business to use it in … more

What is a Large Language Model? Uses, Scope, and Limitations

By Nick McKenna | 29th March 2024
Image of the words how do large language models work?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are popular artefacts of modern artificial intelligence. Although LLMs are based on well-established technology, they have become popular recently due to the widespread availability of low-cost, scalable cloud infrastructure. In this post, we’ll cover what a large language model is in … more

Creating an AI Assistant Using OpenAI

By Nick McKenna | 23rd February 2024

Everyone has heard about ChatGPT, CoPilot, Bard, and Gemini, and many of us are now using basic AI in our daily work. However, using the Large Language Model (LLM) base of something like OpenAI to create a bespoke AI assistant for your customers is possible. … more

Microservices and Microservice Architecture Explained

By Nick McKenna | 15th September 2023

If your system still runs with traditional monolithic architecture, you may have started looking to make a change. Everybody seems to be doing microservices these days, so what are the differences between a monolithic system vs microservices (or microservice architecture), and how do these differences … more

Architecture Of A Composable eCommerce Store Using Elastic Path

By Nick McKenna | 25th May 2023
Architecture of Composable eCommerce with Elastic Path

What Is Composable Architecture? Composable architecture is a modern approach to software architecture that works on the principle of selecting the finest eCommerce components and combining them through a tailored, customised application. This application is constructed with the specific purpose of satisfying unique business needs. … more

Team Roles For Building a Composable B2B eCommerce Online Store

By Nick McKenna | 24th March 2023
Aerial view of a meeting table covered in computers.

Once you’ve taken the decision to build your new B2B web store using modern, composable eCommerce technology, you will need to consider your team structure to ensure that it is optimal. I’ll assume here that you have delegated the technical build portion of the project … more

CSPP WOPI Login Update

By Nick McKenna | 20th February 2023
An open padlock on a gate.

Last year, Microsoft announced that they were removing the login box from the “business flow” for Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) WOPI. Over the course of a few weeks, the login box slowly disappeared from all the test and production WOPI nodes, and now it … more

Add-Ins and CSPP WOPI Changes

By Nick McKenna | 27th January 2023
Side view of a person typing on a laptop.

In December 2022, many WOPI implementors around the world who were also using Microsoft Add-Ins in their WOPI implementation suddenly started experiencing errors, and their Add-Ins would not load. Over the course of a couple of weeks, it transpired that a security update had occurred … more

Troubleshooting WOPI API with The Cloud Storage Partner Program

By Nick McKenna | 13th January 2023
Troubleshooting WOPI API with The Cloud Storage Partner Program

This article examines common problems with implementing a WOPI API and host, looking at the best development practice to minimise your problems. We take you step-by-step through the troubleshooting process, with a closer look at wopitest and how the Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) could help you. … more