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In The 21st Century Your Company Is Now A Software Company

By Nick McKenna | 10th March 2019
Software Development Company

In the 21st century, every company is becoming a software company In years gone by, companies created an asset (such as a machine, a workforce, a piece of intellectual property) and created a set of repeatable, predictable processes to exploit that asset to deliver returns … more

How To Migrate From Legacy Computer Systems To Modern Technology With A Minimum of Pain

By Nick McKenna | 23rd February 2019
Digital Transformation Phase 1

A lot of our clients have developed an extensive mesh of closely interdependent systems over the years. Typically these systems are based on old technologies that are no longer common. This makes recruitment for developers hard and a lack of vendor support for retired systems … more

Web Application Development: Using WOPI To Embed Microsoft Office In Your Web App (Part 1)

By Nick McKenna | 3rd February 2019
Embedding WOPI In An Web Application

Are you thinking about harnessing the capabilities of Office Online (Office Online Server or Office 365) to enhance your web application by embedding Word, Excel, Powerpoint? This is the first in a series of blog posts relating to embedding Microsoft Office document editing capability using … more

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

By Nick McKenna | 15th January 2019
Systems Integration

The creation of your Internet Of Things (IoT) device will require extensive back-end development as well as device development. Fortunately, you can simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of your back-end development by using off-the-shelf components. This helps you focus more on the unique … more

Internet Of Things Security

By Nick McKenna | 14th January 2019
Internet of Things

If you are building an Internet Of Things (IoT) device then you are likely extending your network to a much wider audience. For example, you may be deploying a light bulb device that connects to a home hub. The home hub then reports back some … more

Outlook Add-Ins

By Nick McKenna | 7th January 2019
Outlook Plug-In

If your users spend a lot of time in Microsoft Office (specifically Outlook) then you should consider augmenting your software with an Outlook Add-In. There are a few different forms of the Outlook Add-In, but the one I am going to discuss today is the … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 4: Variable Connectivity

By Nick McKenna | 3rd January 2019
Poor Internet Connectivity

One reason to prefer building a native mobile App over a Progressive Web App has historically been that a mobile App can work (to some extent) without an Internet connection using cached data, whereas web sites only work whilst an Internet connection is present. Service … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 3: Engagement

By Nick McKenna | 2nd January 2019

Progressive Web Apps seek to improve engagement with your users using Push Notifications (just like the ones you get on your iOS or Android phone). For Progressive Web Apps this is achieved using two different technologies in combination: Push and Notifications. For the purposes of … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 2: Responsive And Progressive

By Nick McKenna | 1st January 2019
Progressive Enhancement And Responsiveness

In part 1 of our series on Progressive Web Apps, we discussed how a user might install your App on their device via either their web browser or the Microsoft Store. In part 2, we discuss the importance of responsiveness. Responsive Design Responsive design is … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 1: Installable

By Nick McKenna | 31st December 2018
How To Install A Progressive Web App

At the start of December, we ran a short article introducing you to Progressive Web Apps. In that article we discussed several common traits of Progressive Web Apps. In a series of articles, we are going to drill into this traits in more detail. Today … more