AI Development Services

If your business is finding itself struggling to unleash the full potential of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into its day-to-day operations, you’re not alone. However, AI and ML present valuable opportunities to innovate your processes and drive business growth.

Our expert team has significant experience of developing and implementing AI solutions for businesses – discover how we can enhance your business today!

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How McKenna Consultants Can Help with Outsourced AI Solutions

As a custom AI development company, our experts have extensive experience developing strategies that align advancing technology with company objectives. We can help you navigate the complexities and uncertainties surrounding AI and ML, transforming them into a key tool you can use to elevate your business.

Through this process, we can provide custom artificial intelligence development services to suit your requirements. For example, our experts are well-practised in creating AI assistants utilising Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and OpenAI.

We’ll create a clear plan of action based on your unique challenges and goals, collect relevant data, and select the most suitable machine learning algorithm or AI model to tackle your problem. We'll then ensure the model functions properly by monitoring its performance and tweaking or optimising it as needed.
Our custom machine-learning solutions are generated to deliver client value as the priority and are designed to operate with various technology partners and hosting environments based on your requirements.

Looking to implement AI integration services into your business?

If you’re interested in McKenna Consultants' outsourced AI solutions or want to explore how we can assist you, please contact our experts today.

Our AI Integration Services

We can offer a selection of custom artificial intelligence development services based on clients’ individual needs. These include:

Natural language processing

This AI solution concentrates on allowing computers to comprehend, interpret, and create human language.  By enabling seamless human-computer interactions, conversational AI is able to automate customer service and other simple but repetitive projects to boost your company’s efficiency and reduce costs.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics uses data, machine learning techniques and statistical algorithms to predict future outcomes. This can help your company make more informed decisions, predict consumer behaviour trends, and detect specific risks and opportunities in the industry.

Reinforcement learning

In this machine-learning solution, an AI agent is trained to make decisions by interacting with an environment and getting reward feedback. Reinforcement learning is particularly valuable in applications like robotics and game playing, enabling an optimised decision-making procedure.

AI for Internet of Things (IoT)

Bespoke AI solutions with Internet of Things can include integrating AI techniques with IoT devices to enable autonomous decision-making. This can improve the capabilities of your IoT system by allowing real-time analysis and adaptive responses. So, if you’re thinking about IoT, let us know and see how we can help.

Machine learning

This service involves training computer systems to learn from data and generate predictions without being explicitly programmed. This enables your systems to enhance their performance over time as they get exposure to increasing amounts of data.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

AI-powered software programs like chatbots and virtual assistants can simulate human conversation and offer useful information based on a user’s input. These are becoming increasingly used in areas like customer service. With augmented retrieval generation, we built our own AI assistant, Ziggy, which answers user questions about highly technical parts by retrieving the relevant information from predetermined knowledge resources.

Deep learning services

Our custom machine-learning solutions involve deep learning services, which involve artificial neural networks learning from huge amounts of data. By utilising deep learning algorithms, your company can analyse large amounts of consumer data to identify patterns, predictions, and preferences, thus helping you offer tailored marketing messages and recommendations.

Want to learn more about our expertise in AI development services?

Take a look at our blog to see how we created an AI assistant using OpenAI, Retrieval Augmented Generation and data preparation for a large-scale, global eCommerce website.

AI Integration Services by Industry

We’re proud to offer custom artificial intelligence development services across various industries. If you work in an industry not mentioned below and think you would benefit from our bespoke AI solutions, such as customised AI assistant creation, please reach out to us today.


We can implement outsourced AI solutions in healthcare settings, helping to recognise and predict trends, handle huge volumes of medical data, and detect anomalous results. Additionally, our customisable chatbot solutions can help improve customer service with patients, elevating healthcare providers’ reputations whilst relieving them of a heavier workload.


With our custom artificial intelligence development services, you can efficiently handle comprehensive manufacturing needs. For example, you can predict equipment failures to prevent downtime, improve quality control with real-time data analysis, and optimise production processes. This impactful management can help you streamline efficiencies and decrease costs.


Our hospitality AI integration services can allow companies to tailor customers’ experiences by monitoring their preferences and behaviours. Furthermore, the AI chatbot assistants we create can offer prompt responses to customer enquiries, which can increase overall customer satisfaction.


McKenna Consultants provides bespoke AI solutions to help businesses benefit from deep insights, predicted trends, and more within the finance sector. Our team can assist throughout the process to help you personalise your services, enhance risk management, and automate operations at reduced costs.


Our experts work to empower transport companies to streamline service quality and significantly improve customer experience. Our developers can generate custom machine learning and AI solutions through demand predictions and route optimisation.


Through bespoke AI software solutions, we can elevate business processes in the IT sector. We can improve your company’s customer satisfaction and overall efficiencies by streamlining technical support procedures, troubleshooting, and test automation.

The Benefits of Our Bespoke AI Solutions

Custom artificial intelligence development services have a host of benefits. See how our AI integration services could benefit you and your business.

Become more efficient

AI and ML algorithms are designed to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and optimise resource allocation, which could drive considerable improvements in operational efficiency. By scrutinising large datasets and detecting patterns, the AI assistants we build can help your company make data-driven decisions not only accurately but also promptly.

Provide a tailored experience

Our custom AI development services allow algorithms to analyse customer behaviours, preferences, and historical data. This means you can deliver tailored recommendations and experiences, such as personalised marketing messages. This AI solution can elevate your customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Improve your innovation

AI and ML can enable your business to uncover valuable insights, trends, and opportunities that may not have been apparent through traditional methods. By analysing large amounts of data, our bespoke AI solutions can uncover patterns and foster innovation to drive your competitive advantage.

Optimise your resource allocation

Our AI and ML solutions can help optimise resource allocation, which could result in cost savings and enhanced resource utilisation. Whether you want to improve your inventory levels, workforce management, or maintenance task scheduling, our bespoke AI solutions can help you implement your resources most effectively.

Optimise your resource allocation

Our AI and ML solutions can help optimise resource allocation, which could result in cost savings and enhanced resource utilisation. Whether you want to improve your inventory levels, workforce management, or maintenance task scheduling, our bespoke AI solutions can help you implement your resources most effectively.

Work With a Custom AI Development Company

If you think our AI integration services could give your organisation the boost it needs, please get in touch with us at McKenna Consultants. We are experts in building AI assistants using Large Language Models, so please reach out if this is something you think your business could benefit from.

Additionally, for more information on artificial intelligence, including how AI can improve customer experience, take a look at our blog.