WOPI Integration

Web Application Open Platform Interface, known as WOPI, is a technology provided by Microsoft that allows one to integrate the web versions of the Microsoft Office applications directly into your web application.

WOPI integration can be a complex and confusing process, and is best handled by specialists. Here at McKenna Consultants, we have been successfully implementing Microsoft WOPI in .Net Framework, .Net Core, Java and PHP for our clients for several years. We have extensive experience with other web technologies beyond these too.

For more information about WOPI integration, get in touch with our WOPI specialists or check out our guide on using WOPI to embed Microsoft Office over on our blog.

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Looking to integrate WOPI into your Web App?

If you’re interested in working with McKenna Consultants to integrate WOPI into your web app, or to learn more about how we can help you, please contact our expert team today.

WOPI Service Offering

You can choose to appoint us at the beginning of your implementation or we can join your in-progress WOPI project. Every client is unique and requires a specific blend of these service levels:

  • CSPP Service

We’ll help you out with the Cloud Storage Partner Program. We’ll help you understand their policies, procedures, and timelines. We’ll help you compose your WOPI implementation verification submission and guide you through the process.

  • Full Service

This is a complete WOPI implementation service. We will implement your WOPI hostpage, do updates to your application workflows to support WOPI, and implement the complete WOPI API. Pick this option if you just want someone to sort out WOPI for you and you don’t want to get involved yourself.

  • Split Service

We will implement your WOPI API microservice whilst you implement the hostpage and update your core application workflows. This is a very popular option as it allows you to retain control of your area of expertise and we can control the code within our area of expertise.

  • Technical Advisory Service

For this option, you are planning to do all of the implementation work yourself, but you want a technical expert to help you out with initiating the project and being on call to explain any technical of WOPI that prove difficult to understand.

  • Rescue Service

This is the service that you never want! Here, you have had a go at implementing WOPI and the complex implementation has resulted in an incomplete, less-than-well-structured solution. Here, we will get you back on track and over the finish line and live with WOPI!

Like this hand sketches its plan, we can help you through the entire process of integrating WOPI and Office 365.

Facing WOPI Challenges

Implementing WOPI for Office 365 is a technical process that can come with many unique challenges. At McKenna Consultants, we have implemented multiple architectures for the microservice with varying degrees of dependence on the core web application based on the client’s existing systems.

Our typical technical solution is to create a multi-tenant microservice that implements the necessary WOPI API features (such as versioning, SHA256, Locks, correct response codes etc). The WOPI microservice then interfaces with your core web application.

You can find our guide to troubleshooting WOPI API over on our blog.

From a process perspective, WOPI integration involves complying with many constraints imposed by Microsoft. These include (but are not limited to):

  • User interface requirements
  • Automated testing requirements
  • Protocol requirements

We have extensive experience with Microsoft’s rules and constraints and our understanding and support can help guide you through a successful acceptance test.

WOPI Integration Examples