WOPI Case Study


Project Background

Corcentric provides simple to use, yet sophisticated software to improve procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable. As with many of our clients, they have significant in-house skills to develop their core products. When they decided to embed Microsoft Office inside their web application using WOPI, they realised, due to complexity and time constraints that they would need the expertise of a WOPI specialist.

The Challenge

The challenge here was toprovide a Laravel PHP implementation of WOPI that would run in a clustered, cloud environment. Whereas Microsoft provide a tiny amount of base code and assistance for .Net, Java and Python, no such assistance is available for PHP.

The Solution

McKenna Consultants provided a complete service for implementing the WOPI solution including everything from programming to guiding Corcentric through the Microsoft approval process. The overall solution is a stateless, microservice which easily scales across the complete Corcentric customer base. We combined our skills in PHP with our expertise in WOPI and produced a Docker-based Laravel implementation of the WOPI protocol. In particular, the Proof Key implementation was challenging and required a combination of different security technologies as well as a knowledge of CPU architecture to get working in PHP. Microsoft approved this WOPI implementation on the first submission.

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Services Delivered