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What’s Next For Technology In 2019?

By Nick McKenna | 10th January 2019

Today I’m putting my Professor Trelawney hat on and asking what’s next for business technology in 2019. I’m not talking about the bleeding edge or borderline science fiction stuff here. I’m really interested in the cutting edge technology that businesses will be able to draw … more

Surprises In The Apple App Store Review Guidelines

By Nick McKenna | 9th January 2019

We get asked about a myriad of crazy and wonderful ideas for App Development for iOS / iPhone / iPad / Android. My first piece of advice to all new customers is to read Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. They contain some wonderful hidden gems … more

Securing Tokens In A Progressive Web App

By Nick McKenna | 8th January 2019

Security is at the top of the agenda for every technological development, especially so in the open world of the World Wide Web and Internet generally. The core underlying challenge is that the web and Internet were not designed with a modern level of security … more

Outlook Add-Ins

By Nick McKenna | 7th January 2019
Outlook Plug-In

If your users spend a lot of time in Microsoft Office (specifically Outlook) then you should consider augmenting your software with an Outlook Add-In. There are a few different forms of the Outlook Add-In, but the one I am going to discuss today is the … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 4: Variable Connectivity

By Nick McKenna | 3rd January 2019
Poor Internet Connectivity

One reason to prefer building a native mobile App over a progressive web App has historically been that a mobile App can work (to some extent) without an Internet connection using cached data, whereas web sites only work whilst an Internet connection is present. Service … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 3: Engagement

By Nick McKenna | 2nd January 2019

Progressive web Apps seek to improve engagement with your users using Push Notifications (just like the ones you get on your iOS or Android phone). For progressive web Apps this is achieved using two different technologies in combination: Push and Notifications. For the purposes of … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 2: Responsive And Progressive

By Nick McKenna | 1st January 2019
Progressive Enhancement And Responsiveness

In part 1 of our series on Progressive Web Apps, we discussed how a user might install your App on their device via either their web browser or the Microsoft Store. In part 2, we discuss the importance of responsiveness. Responsive Design Responsive design is … more

Progressive Web Apps Part 1: Installable

By Nick McKenna | 31st December 2018
How To Install A Progressive Web App

At the start of December, we ran a short article introducing you to progressive web Apps. In that article we discussed several common traits of progressive web Apps. In a series of articles, we are going to drill into this traits in more detail. Today … more

New Digital Transformation For Santa Claus At The North Pole

By Nick McKenna | 17th December 2018

Over the last fourteen years we’ve been involved in a lot of digital transformations for a huge variety of organisations, but even we were amazed back in early 2017 when Santa came to us for help! The Problem The population of the world is around … more

What Is A Progressive Web App?

By Nick McKenna | 5th December 2018

If you are interested in having a progressive web App developed by McKenna Consultants, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and see our page on Web Development. So What Is A Progressive Web App? A progressive web App is … more