Bespoke Business Process Software Development

Absolute Insulation


Project Background

Absolute Insulation has been providing insulation solutions to the domestic market, building trade, local authorities and utilities agencies for over 15 years.

The process of installing insulation solutions is broken down in to five main areas:

  • Obtaining and tracking a property
  • Surveying
  • Installation
  • QA/Inspection
  • Accounts

The Challenge

Absolute Insulation were suffering in spreadsheet hell. They were victim of growing as a business, but not growing their process to match, a common issue in growing businesses.

Originally these areas where tracked with spreadsheets and paper based systems, however this was ineffective and led to wastage, for instance surveyors going out to a property that has already been surveyed.

The Solution

McKenna Consultants created a bespoke, end to end, business process management web based application to solve Absolute Insulation’s problems.

From the moment the system went live, Absolute Insulation instantly began to make savings by preventing surveyors from visiting properties that they have already been to.

The system tracks the full life cycle of a property for insulation, from importing a lead direct from Absolute’s Call Centre System (which McKenna Consultants also implemented) to integrating the records with Sage Accounts and reporting.

The system has become critical to Absolute Insulation and evolves with them as their business diversifies. We have also implemented systems to manage solar installations and heating systems.


We developed the system using our own Agile methodologies and principals, leading to the Managing Director, Brian Martin describing our service as “grass roots software development”.

McKenna Consultants has been working closely with the workforce at Absolute Insulation to tailor build a software solution that meets all the needs in an effective manner.

The result is the ‘Absolute Tracking System’ which is a web deployed application that meets all the users' needs.

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Services Delivered

"The way that McKenna Consultants develop software is like grass roots software development."Brian Martin, Managing Director