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McKenna Mobile Application Assessment -AuthenticateIS

Project Background

AuthenticateIS produce an industry-leading collaborative software platform for UK supermarkets, food service operators and manufacturers to gain insights into their supply chains with a view to creating a good compliance strategy whilst reducing costs. The core platform is a web-based product that clients access securely via web browsers.

The Challenge

More and more AuthenticateIS customers are wanting to use the platform in the field – in this case, literally so! Carrying around a laptop was too cumbersome for customers and poor Internet connections were making life difficult for auditors wanting to make assessments, take notes and take photos live in the field.

AuthenticateIS were also very busy adding valuable features to the core web platform as demand for their platform was rising; hence their need for McKenna Consultants' resources and skill.

The Solution

McKenna Consultants co-sourced the development of a native iPad App written in the Swift programming language to allow customers to fill in audits whilst offline. The App leverages the existing web API that forms part of the core AuthenticateIS platform.

Delivery of the Native App

Co-sourcing involved development of the App taking place at McKenna Consultants main office in Harrogate with members of the AuthenticateIS development seconded to the McKenna Development team. This meant that the native Application was developed quickly by an experienced team whilst spreading the technical knowledge to the AuthenticateIS development team so that they could work on new App features independently in the future. The Authenticate Product Owner remained in daily contact with the whole team throughout making strategic decisions and guiding the product to success.

The resulting native App (which was completed ahead of schedule and under budget) has been a hit with customers and has taken the AuthenticateIS platform to a new level, as well as providing other benefits. If you are considering your own native App and would like to know more about the development process, please read our guide on the initial stages of native application development. Or, to find out more about or mobile Application services, please contact us.

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