Systems Integration For Digital Transformation

IMI plc

IMI Precision Engineering


IMI Precision Engineering (part of IMI plc) are a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. IMI develop innovative precision engineering components all over the world. This large-scale, fast-moving and competitive environment has led IMI to pursue a Digital Transformation in which they have chosen “best of breed” computer systems for its operations.


The “best of breed” approach to Digital Transformation means that IMI has a need for their disparate computer systems to communicate information in a bespoke manner. For example, a package dispatch system may contain useful information about the progress of a delivery for a customer, whilst information relating to the customer’s account is held in a different system. These systems need to exchange information and integrate to give a single view of the truth to IMI staff.

This process is known as systems integration and is extremely important in order to allow information from different systems to communicate


McKenna Consultants have created the Digital Edge Platform for IMI. This is a cloud-based platform which means that the maintenance overhead is very low. The Digital Edge Platform facilitates systems integration by plugging into IMI’s different computer systems and flowing information between them. The solution provides an invisible (though technically complex) systems integration to give the most current view of key data available.


An Agile approach is best for this kind of systems development as the technical requirements for each piece of software at IMI are significantly different, which can lead to a complex project management as a set of changing integration requirements are needed to be met. We found using an Agile approach meant that we could meet the requirements head-on as and when they changed and were able to do just that in order to deliver the platform.

Should you wish to discuss systems integration services further, or your own digital platform requirements with McKenna Consultants, please contact us to see how we could help your business via our bespoke digital services.

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"The platform that McKenna Consultants have built for us has enabled us to get at information that was previously hidden away in our computer systems. Being able to get consistent, clear information out of our existing IT systems has made a huge impact on our efficiency. "Ciaran Crowley, Global Digital Sales And Marketing Director