New Global Composable eCommerce Store


Norgren (a brand of IMI Precision Engineering) have a long history of a global eCommerce presence. Their primary business is the large-scale, rapidly-moving development of innovative precision engineering components.

Whilst their previous web store had successfully generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue over the years, to take the next leap forwards required a faster, more stable and secure web store.

The Challenge

The previous Norgren web store was a bespoke system that was written and maintained externally. This meant that new innovations were slower to roll out than desired and the cost of ownership was high. The goals for the new web store were to produce something that met the following criteria:

  1. Off-the-shelf solution
  2. Lower cost of ownership
  3. Quick to implement new features
  4. Faster
  5. More stable

The Solution

Whilst we did not initially set out with a composable solution in mind, composable eCommerce quickly presented itself as the optimum solution. Various services (such as eCommerce, search, navigation, geo-location) could be purchased off-the-shelf and configured as desired by IMI. Each of these services is developed, maintained and hosted as cloud services by the supplier.

These attributes effectively decreased the cost of ownership and allowed the development of the new web store to focus on innovative features (such as product configurators).

The distribution of the workload of the web store across multiple components meant that the Google Lighthouse score was raised above 90% at launch, thus giving a much faster user experience and improving search engine visibility. The distribution of workload also reduced the risk of a single point of failure. Should a single component become unavailable (such as geo-location), the majority of the web store features will carry on without slowing down online order flow.


We have worked with both Norgren and IMI Precision Engineering in the past – see our case studies to learn more. If you would like to discuss composable eCommerce solutions for your business or project, please get in touch with McKenna Consultants today.

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