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Wolseley UK change management software

Project Background

In 2013 Wolseley UK began an ambitious programme to refit the entire IT and telecoms infrastructure of all of their branches throughout the UK.

A programme of this scale required detailed, accurate and up to date project management information. Several organisations were involved in the programme beyond Wolseley UK including IT, business, a service integrator and a large cabling and telecoms provider.

Soon after the programme began, the Project Management Office realised that a more sophisticated document management solution was needed.

The Challenge

Excel spreadsheet are good for small volumes of unstructured or semi-structured data for a tiny number of users.

Wolseley UK quickly learned that due to the large number of users, frequency of data changes, volume of data etc that Excel spreadsheet were not working.

The same data was replicated on different sheets and frequently had conflicting values.

It also became apparent that data was becoming difficult to find and any kind of reporting was extremely time and labour intensive.

The Solution

In order to streamline and optimise the Project Management processes, Wolseley UK appointed McKenna Consultants to build a bespoke web-based project management tool called Connect.

Connect needed to be accessible from anywhere in the world, cope with the complex data and provide a rapid, intuitive user experience for a variety of different users. In essence, Connect provided a single, definitive version of the truth

Connect needed to keep a complete audit of all data changes and actively update users when data they may be interested in was changing. Connect quickly became the reliable pulse of the IT refit programme! In additional, detailed and instant reporting was required along with automated production of key documentation relating to the programme.


Connect was delivered in McKenna Consultants’ trademark Agile manner.

Within a few weeks the first release of the software was made and users started to get the benefits of early and often releases of new features. Incremental changes were delivered every 24 or 48 hours in response to user feedback and requests for additional functionality.

Connect continues to be used today and is still being improved and modified to meet the changing needs of the IT refit programme.

Services Delivered

"...McKenna Consultants continue to come up with innovative solutions to the business requirements, adapt to changing requirements, troubleshoot any issues and most importantly, gets the job done to a high quality, professional standard. "Nathan Wright, Lead Project Manager