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Project Background

EnviroVent are a leading supplier of ventilation systems. Their ventilation products are included in over a million homes in the UK and solve damp, condensation and mould problems.

The Challenge

With the advent of the “Internet of Things”, EnviroVent saw an opportunity to dramatically improve the usability of their ventilation products in a way that was previously not possible. EnviroVent felt that if they could provide a more accessible, easier interface, their customers would use their products more and also more effectively.

The Solution

McKenna Consultants built iOS and Android Apps (phone and tablet) for EnviroVent which connect to EnviroVent ventilation products. The EnviroVent App allows EnviroVent’s customers to quickly and easily see the current speed (and other settings) of the ventilation unit and alter those settings according to their preferences. This not only makes the ventilation products easier to use for customers, but it gives the ventilation units a value-added feature that competitors lack.

These are just a few benefits of using mobile App development within a business, particularly within cross-platform development. To find out more about cross-platform mobile development please read our detailed post.


Delivery of this product required application software integration with EnviroVent ventilation unit electronics and communication over wireless protocols. This App has been so well-received and successful that the complete system won the 2017 “Smart Product Of The Year” award.

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Services Delivered

"... our installers have been able to improve their efficiency setting up ventilation units by using the clear user interface in the App. The integration with our units electronics is great and the development process was smooth."Rory Percival, R&D and Technical Manager