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Our Android App developers create highly engaging user experiences on mobile and smart devices for your customers. We create native Android Apps which gives the smoothest user experience and allows your software to access all of the Android device features.

Benefits of Android mobile App development:

  • Android enjoys an 81% market share globally giving an installed base of over 2 billion devices, providing the largest customer reach in the world.
  • Mobile Apps are the preferred method for accessing services with 73% of users preferring them over websites.
  • In the UK, 59% of smartphones sold are Android devices making Android the dominant platform in the UK.

To find out more about the benefits of mobile Apps for business, then please check out our dedicated article on the subject.

McKenna Consultants have been using Android App developer software and their expert skills to develop mobile Apps since 2010. We have developed Apps for various sectors such as animal health, food change certification, utilities, the legal profession, industrial retail, training and education and more. To get an insight into the initial stages of building a mobile App, check out our article on how to build a mobile App.

We have also developed Android mobile Apps in over 30 different countries and languages. So, whether you require Google Android App development for a mobile device or an App for use on a variety of Android smart devices, please contact us today.


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