Software Integration

Through our software integrations services, McKenna Consultants enable their clients to leverage their existing IT assets through the use of custom digital adaptors. Our software integration solutions include the development of digital platforms that enable disparate applications to rapidly exchange data. Application software integration prevents duplication of data thus creating a single version of the truth. A cloud-based strategy is the basis for a completely open-systems approach to creating your digital platform. Acting as a hub for data collection and analysation, this approach allows multiple vendors to easily access the information they require in real-time.

software integration

Benefits of Software Integration Solutions:

  • The use of cloud-based platforms allows data to be securely shared across the world between your offices and your customers.
  • Software integration also allows the creation of mobile apps that permit your customers to instantly access useful information that was previously hidden away in legacy systems.
  • Integration software is a more economical solution than buying a large, cumbersome and expensive ERP system.

To find out more about the advantages of software integration, including why an integration system is important, please check out our blog post dedicated to this topic. Or, to find out more about IT systems integration and specific topics, like using digital platforms to leverage legacy systems, please feel free to browse all the articles on our blog.

When it comes to software integration companies, McKenna Consultants have been building digital platforms for software integrations for many years for sectors such as utilities, heavy industry, retail and health services. If you are seeking software integration for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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