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Cloud-Based it Solutions

Our specialist Cloud Development Services help to build cloud-based IT solutions that are robust, flexible and can be rapidly scaled to meet each client’s specific needs. The high quality cloud-based solutions we provide allow for an improved and simplistic service delivery, and a more flexible and evolved model.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions:

  • Simplification and improved cost effectiveness of applications.
  • Simple to manage.
  • Adaptable as it keeps you relevant within an ever-changing and advancing market.
  • Ability to rapidly change your customers’ scaling profiles.
  • High quality system security.

Need a cloud based solution?

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Our Cloud-Based Business Solutions

The cloud is the power-house behind our clients’ web, mobile, IoT and systems integration solutions. It provides a highly scalable, flexible, low-cost model, that adapts as fast as our clients’ businesses change. Therefore, allowing them to grow within their own industry.

We have used our cloud-based services to power:

  • Complex software systems integrations.
  • Amazon Alexa integration with IoT devices.
  • Secure, resilient payments from mobile apps right the way through to IoT energy devices.
  • Advanced text recognition to help customers find products.
  • Scalable “back-ends” for mobile apps that grow with demand to always provide the best user experience.

Do you require cloud-based IT solutions to improve the performance of your business’s digital applications? If so, contact our experts today.

Cloud-Based Projects

"McKenna Consultants continue to come up with innovative solutions to the business requirements, adapt to changing requirements, troubleshoot any issues and most importantly, gets the job done to a high quality, professional standard."Mark Tyson, Project Manager, Switch2