Integrating Auth0 With Azure Active Directory


This is some information that you will find useful when completing Azure Active Directory and Auth0 integration.

Azure AD OpenID config endpoint

Azure AD Login URL

If you want to try logging into to your app registration on Azure AD to validate it is configured correctly to allow sign-in for your Azure AD user this can be done using the following URL:







After logging in you should be able to retrieve an authorization code in the URL. You can use this via Postman to post to the Azure AD token endpoint and retrieve a JWT as follows:



Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


              client_id: your-app-registration-client-id

              code: your-authorization-code

              redirect_uri: your-app-registration-redirect-uri

              grant_type: authorization_code

              client_secret: your-app-registration-client-secret

Auth0 Login URL

To login via Auth0 you can use the following URL:







&code_challenge_method=your-code-challenge-method (i.e. S256)


MS GRAPH Admin Consent Request

This may be useful if you are planning to use admin consent workflow when users log in and need to request permission for the app to access their MS Graph profile.






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